iglidur F2: ESD-suitable conductor among the igus materials

Suitable for applications where antistatic operation must be guaranteed - for plain bearings, also available as bar stock.

iglidur F2 IGUS low wear maintenance free no lubricant plastic bearings

Special materials must be used where specific requirements prevail. For example, if ESD suitability is asked for, the motion plastics specialist igus offers the electrostatically dissipative material iglidur F2. Especially in the textile industry, or where electronic components should not be adversely affected, the use of this specialist is recommended. To enable customers to also manufacture special parts as cost-effectively as possible, igus offers bar stocks in iglidur F2 in new sizes, allowing a more efficient material utilisation.


The ESD-suitable iglidur F2 material for antistatic plain bearings is available as round bar stock bar or as a plain bearing bush.


Electrostatic charges of machine components sometimes lead to considerable damage and expensive production downtime. Uncontrolled discharges may negatively affect electronic components through accumulated static electricity, contributing to high fire risk or hindering production processes. “Above all, particles flying around such as dust or fibres, for example, in the textile industry are attracted by statically charged bearings and cling on to them,” explains René Achnitz, head of iglidur at igus. “This can cause expensive maintenance work or uncontrolled outages of the machines.” With iglidur F2, igus has an ESD-capable plain bearing material made of plastic in the product range, which is especially suitable for these types of applications. It is electrostatically dissipative and contributes to continuous active discharge. The low surface resistance (between 103 Ω and 109 Ω, depending on the geometry of the component) reduces the charging voltage level and contributes to the depletion of the charge.


In order to secure maximum flexibility and availability even in unusual dimensions or components, igus offers the iglidur F2 material now also in 14 different diameters as round bar stock bars. Thus customers can manufacture their components themselves, without having unnecessarily large amount of material waste.


Application possibilities in various industries

In addition to its special properties, the new material offers the advantages of iglidur typical of igus. It needs no lubricant, is maintenance free and has low wear properties. Downtimes are thus reduced, increasing the service life. The dust-repellant, non-corrosive and lightweight plastic bearings operate at high clock rates, as are customary in textile machinery, among others. With an operating temperature range from -30°C to +165 °C iglidur F2 also displays a high resistance to temperature and media.