March – April 2017

Cover Story

  • Inspiring tomorrow’s women engineers starts today

    Women tend to face gender stereotyping in the masculine culture of engineering with the workplace echoing stereotyping that happens in school. Liau Vui Kien tells us that schools and corporations have to be committed to challenge this issue for the future of public infrastructure.Read More
  • Women on top

    Gender diversity still remains a critical issue in Asia but progress is slowly made with 31 per cent of management roles held by women compared to 29 per cent reported last year, says Christine Wright.Read More

Inside Process

Inside Industry

  • Power inspection for safety reasons

    Today’s public and private utilities around the world face a number of challenges, utilities need to cover larger geographical areas with the same or leaner crews so staff technicians’ capability is required to enhance significantly. By specialists at Fluke Corporation.Read More
  • Another leap for mankind

    More countries are joining the race to be the first to release fully autonomous vehicles for public use, but it may still take a couple more years for it to be a reality. By Tan Hui WenRead More

Inside Information

  • 3D printed gas turbine blades

    Siemens has achieved a breakthrough by finishing its first full load engine tests for gas turbine blades completely produced using Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. The company successfully validated multiple AM printed turbine blades with a … Read More
  • Integrated design system to the rescue

    Russell Brook says 3D printing is not the only way to get consumer durables to market faster, having an integrated design system is just as important.Read More