Honeywell starts regional technology tour in Singapore

Honeywell kicked off a multi-country technology showcase in Singapore that introduced its advanced data analytics, cloud technology and process automation domain expertise.

Honeywell IIoT

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) kicked off a multi-country technology showcase in Singapore that introduced its advanced data analytics, cloud technology and process automation domain expertise enabling an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem and smart operations.




IIoT by Honeywell brings together existing and new technologies in order to drive better efficiency and agility in process industries. The event showcased how IIoT technologies can address industrial operations and business challenges in today’s difficult economy, and focused on productivity, efficiency and safety improvements made possible by technologies for digital transformation.


“Throughout Southeast Asia, manufacturers must find ways to keep their plants running smoothly and safely, and they’re implementing the IIoT to leverage robust predictive data analytics,” said Anand Vishnubhotla, general manager, Advanced Solutions, HPS, Asia Pacific. “The IIoT will help minimize the threats of unscheduled downtime and equipment breakdowns, which are detrimental to maximizing revenue. It will allow our customers to more efficiently gather and analyze a broader range of data across multiple operations and plants, and then use it to transform entire enterprises. This technology represents an evolution, not a revolution, since it can be phased and scaled depending on an individual company’s circumstances.”


With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution1 in Southeast Asia, manufacturers are increasingly embracing technology to improve their operational efficiency, as well as anticipate volatile market conditions and labor shortages. Companies would need to also be able to implement the right infrastructures to acquire, manage and analyze data captured by connected machines to improve their competitive advantage. By delivering meaningful information where and when it’s needed most across the enterprise, IIoT by Honeywell opens up new possibilities for safety, productivity, organizational responsiveness and ultimately, profitability.


More than 150 automation professionals across industries ranging from oil and gas to pulp and paper attended the Singapore event. The agenda addressed key topics such as evolving maintenance and asset management strategies, unified real-time performance monitoring, industrial cyber security, and legacy control system migration. Speakers described how smart operations as part of the IIoT can help manufacturers enhance their business results through increased mobility, communication across systems and enabling analytics that provide actionable intelligence to help plants operate at peak performance.


Honeywell provides a full portfolio of solutions designed to optimize the industrial enterprise. The road show offered a demo room where attendees could view its newest automation products and capabilities, including:

  • Experion Orion Console
  • Industrial Collaborative Environment
  • Integrated Control and Safety Solution
  • Advanced Quality Control System (QCS) Sensor Technology
  • Industrial Cyber Security Solutions


For information about Honeywell’s IIoT comprehensive technologies and solutions, go to

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