DS SolidWorks Corp Announces SolidWorks Education Edition 2011-2012

Dassault Systemes (DS) SolidWorks Corp unveils its newest software for the education sector, SolidWorks Education Edition 2011-2012. The product combines tools for simulation, sustainable design and motion, enabling both students and educators to create a robust classroom experience.

“To be equipped with the skill sets demanded by industry is essential for every student looking to embark on an engineering career. SolidWorks Education Edition 2011-2012 is perfectly designed to provide a strong foundation and allow students to forge the mentality needed in pursuing their professional career,” said Sharon Toh, General Manager, South Asia of SolidWorks.

The SolidWorks Education Edition grants students free access to the Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) exams, which validate their SolidWorks expertise. Once they have earned the certification, students keep their CSWA status and join the community of 25,000 certified, passionate SolidWorks users. Students at any level can increase their professional skills through advanced certification exams for life-long learning. The ability to become a SolidWorks Associate Provider, a certification granted to educators who already hold CSWA status, enables teachers to administer the first level of SolidWorks certifications.

Sharon Toh also shared, “Training the next generation of engineers and designers is critical to the success of industry, as it relies on innovation and evolution. Students are very hands-on, and giving them access to design tools when and where they choose ensures that the creative flow isn’t hampered by lack of access. We hope that we can enable students worldwide at every level to grow into design engineers with a bright future ahead.”

The beauty of SolidWorks is that it has great tutorials and is a very fluid and intuitive piece of software. SolidWorks is absolutely useful in and out of the classroom and prepares students for many of the important skills that are critical to successfully entering the design world.”